Art & Design by Tom Buhrman

Upcoming Show

Four items made from recycled bike inner tubes

Rubber Creatures from Outer Space!

In October 2017 I'll have a solo art show at Goldeb Belt: Room 100 Gallery. The show will display clothes and accessories made from recycled inner tubes and up cycled materials.


Rubber Creatures from Outer Space

Two space explorers land on a new planet and begin their assessment. Outfits from the fashion art show: Rubber Creatures from Outer Space!

Recent Work

Improved North Carolina Flag

Peace. Love. Respect. For everybody!

The title "Peace. Love. Respect. For everybody!" comes from the late Chuck Davis, a wonderful dance teacher and inspiration to many. He made all of his students and audience members repeat this phrase during performances, and it's a perfect philosophy for dancing and living. As Southern communities struggle with the history of racism and what to do with hurtful symbols, instead of removing a Confederate flag to catch up to now, I imagine a flag improved to look to the future, so I updated the North Carolina flag to include the stripes of the Rainbow Flag. Can you imagine a North Carolina that welcomes everybody in all its counties? I can, and I hope we get there soon.