Art & Design by Tom Buhrman

Current Show

Improved North Carolina Flag

An improved state flag for North Carolina will be part of the Truth to Power 5 exhibition at Pleiades Gallery. The fifth annual community show about matters of social justice at local, national, and international levels

Title of Work: Peace. Love. Respect. For everybody!

Artist Statement: The title "Peace. Love. Respect. For everybody!" comes from the late Chuck Davis, a wonderful dance teacher and inspiration to many. He made all of his students and audience members repeat this phrase during performances, and it's a perfect philosophy for dancing and living. As Southern communities struggle with the history of racism and what to do with hurtful symbols, instead of removing a Confederate flag to catch up to now, I imagine a flag improved to look to the future, so I updated the North Carolina flag to include the stripes of the Rainbow Flag. Can you imagine a North Carolina that welcomes everybody in all its counties? I can, and I hope we get there soon.

Upcoming Show

Four items made from recycled bike inner tubes

In October 2017 I'll have a solo art show at Room 100 gallery in Durham's Golden Belt. The show will display clothes and accessories made from recycled inner tubes and up cycled materials.


Rubber Creatures from Outer Space

Two space explorers land on a new planet and begin their assessment. Image from photo shoot of clothes from the October fashion art show.